Main Window

The Geeqie main window is designed for quick and easy navigation of images. The window consists of three regions: the File Pane , the Folder pane , and the Image Pane (optionally bordered by Sidebars ) , all bordered by Menus and Status Bar .

Multiple instances of the main window may be started via the Windows ▸ New Window ( Ctrl+N ) menu item, and the Layout of each may be individually configured in the Window Layout dialogue.

If several instances of the main window are open, they may be closed individually or simultaneously. If File ▸ Quit ( Ctrl+Q ) is pressed, all windows will be closed. When Geeqie is re-opened the same windows will be re-displayed.

If Windows ▸ Close Window ( Ctrl+W ) is pressed, only that window will be closed unless that window is the "main" window, in which case all windows will be closed. When Geeqie is restarted only the main window will be displayed.

The main window may be recognised by the word "Geeqie" in the title bar, as opposed to other windows which have the word "geeqie".

Several window layouts may be defined and displayed at any time, as described in the Windows menu .