The main window consists of four areas, the folder pane , file pane , image pane , and the status bar . The status bar is always at the bottom of the window. The three remaining areas, or panes, can be arranged and sized by the user.

Selecting the location of each pane

The arrangement of the folder, file, and image pane is selected on the Window Layout dialogue.

Changing the size of a pane

Between the panes of the main window are two dividers that can be moved with the mouse to adjust the size of each pane. Press and hold the primary button, then move the divider to the desired location and release the button.

Folder pane

The folder pane contains the menu bar, tool bar, path entry, and folder list. The list can be set to display the sub folders of the active folder or a tree that starts with the root folder and contains all folders in the file system.

File pane

The file pane lists the images contained in the active folder. The file pane can be set to display as a vertical list or an icon view.

Image pane

The image pane is where the active image is displayed.