Window Layout

This item is accessed via Edit ▸ Configure this window .

Home Path

The path to be moved to when is clicked.

Show date in directories list view

The folder pane will show dates.

Start-up directory

This may be set for each instance of Geeqie.

  • No change: Use the Current Working Directory. If called from a system menu rather than the command line, the Home directory will probably be used.

  • Restore last path: Use the folder in use when Geeqie was previously closed.

  • Home path: Use the folder specified in the Home Path box.


The Geeqie main window consists of three main panes: the folder pane , file pane and the image pane . Their position and order can be changed here. The four choices shown represent the basic layout of the main window, the difference being that each has the larger pane in a different location: right, bottom, left, and top.

The numbers within each selection represent the order of the pane content.

The order in which the panes are filled is determined by the three row list located below the layout selection. The three numbered rows correspond to the three numbered regions of the selected layout. To change the order of the list, drag a row to the desired location within the list.

In this dialogue the file and image panes are labeled as such, however for historical reasons the folder pane is labeled as tools.