Advanced Features

  • Search and Select

    Image Search based on many parameters

  • Finding Duplicates

    Find image duplicates based on image content

  • List panes

    View IPTC, and view and edit Exif and XMP data stored in images

  • Sort Manager Sidebar

    Simple Sort Manager to quickly sort a folder of images into other folders

  • Rename

    Rename images in bulk

  • Image Overlay

    Overlay the image with a panel showing user-definable data

  • Keywords

    Add XMP keywords to images, and recall those images with the search function

  • Geeqie is a very configurable application

“An application that displays images.” - This was, and still is, the primary goal of Geeqie. Over time image management features have been added, but the core purpose of Geeqie remains the same.