Moving around in the file system

To select the folder containing the desired images for display, change to the image's folder using the folder view. Single clicking a folder with the primary mouse button will change the main window to display that folder's contents. When the folder view is displayed as a list, use the folder named “..” to change to the parent folder (the parent folder is the folder that contains the current folder).

To select a folder with the keyboard, move the focus to the desired folder and press the Space or Enter key.

Moving around within a folder

After selecting the desired folder as above, the desired image can be viewed by selecting it from the file list. To select a file for display single click it with the primary mouse button.

To select a file with the keyboard, move the focus to the desired file. As you move the focus within the file list the image display will update to match the highlighted file.

Going home

To change to your home folder, click the Home button in the tool bar. Home folder can be set in window preferences.

Direct path entry

The current path is displayed in an entry field above the folder list. A folder or file can be typed into the entry to quickly change to a desired location or image, the main window will update after pressing the Enter key. Tab completion is also available in the path entry.

Next to the path entry is a button with a down arrow, clicking this will display a drop down list containing the most recent locations viewed. The list is ordered such that the most recent location is at the top. Selecting a location from the drop down list will change the window to display the location.

Stepping through images sequentially

To change the displayed image to next or previous one within the same folder, use the respective PageDown and PageUp keys. The mouse can also be used to change the image by clicking the image display with the respective primary and middle buttons.

To change to beginning or end of the image list, use the respective Home or End keys.