Configuration Files and Locations

The following data lists the locations Geeqie uses for various actions. The uppercase symbols are environment variables. If they are not set on your system the fallback locations are listed in parentheses.

Geeqie will first attempt to load a configuration file from:


It will then continue with the following locations.

Most of Geeqie's configuration files are contained in the folder, and sub-folders of:


Geeqie's standard configuration file is:


An alternative configuration file may be used by executing:

geeqie -r --config-load:<filename>

Saved window layout files are in the folder:


Geeqie-created desktop files used by Plugins are in the folder:


Lua script files for Lua Extensions are in the folder:


Historic data such as last several folders visited, bookmarks, and recently used collections, as well as default print settings are contained in this text file:


Keyboard shortcut maps are contained in this text file:


The location for Collections is in the folder:


Thumbnails are stored in a location specified in Thumbnail Preferences

Metadata is stored either in the image file or in the location specified in Metadata

Similarity files are stored in the folder:


The safe delete folder is specified in the Safe Delete tab of main Preferences