Behavior Options

This section describes the options presented under the Behavior Tab of the preferences dialog.


Confirm permanent file delete

Prompts for confirmation before deleting files.

Confirm move file to Trash

Prompts for confirmation before moving files to the trash bin.

Enable Delete key

Disable this to disassociate the delete file function from the Delete key.

If Confirm file delete , above, is disabled, accidentally hitting the Delete can result in files being erroneously deleted without warning. Disabling the Delete key will prevent this. The Ctrl + D key sequence is not affected.

Use Geeqie trash location

Moves deleted files to a temporary folder, for easy retrieval of deleted files. Files in the temporary folder are retained until the maximum size is reached, at which point deleting additional files will result in the removal of the oldest files to reclaim the space needed for the new files.

Files moved to the Safe Delete folder are prefixed with a six digit number in the format: nnnnnn_FILENAME

This is used by the delete feature to distinguish which files to remove first when clearing space for new files.

The digit counter increments with each deleted file.

Use system Trash bin

Moves deleted files to the system-defined trash bin.


The location of the folder used by the Safe Delete feature.

Maximum size

The size to use for the Safe Delete folder, in megabytes. Note that setting this value to 0 (zero) will disable any limit.

Clear button

Removes all files contained in the Safe Delete folder.

View button

Changes the Geeqie main window to display the contents of the Safe Delete folder.


Descend folders in tree view

This will allow Geeqie to read sub folder content to determine if it should display expander indicators in the folder tree view.

Disable this if Geeqie wakes up auto mounted network shares, or takes too long to initially display the folder view.

In place renaming

When renaming a single file, this will allow the rename entry to appear directly over the original filename.

List directory view uses single click to enter

If selected, a single click will enter a directory, rather than the GTK+ default of a double click.

Circular selection lists

If selected, when traversing a list of selected images using Next or Previous Image, when the last or first image is encountered the focus moves to the beginning or end of the list. When deselected, focus will go no further than the start or end of the list.

Save marks on exit

Save all marks that have been set. Note that marks that are linked to a keyword will always be saved irrespective of this setting.

Use "With Rename" as default for Copy/Move dialogs

Move the "With Rename" button to the default position.

Open Collections on top

Open collection windows with "Always on Top" set.

Recent folder list maximum size

This is the maximum number of entries to be displayed in the recent open folder list drop-down box.

Recent folder-image list maximum size

The last image viewed in a folder is stored in a list. This value is the maximum number of entries in the list. When a folder is subsequently re-opened, focus moves to the last image viewed in that folder.

Drag'n drop icon size

This is the width and height of the icon generated from image and displayed when doing drag and drop actions. High resolution screens may require to increase this number.

Drag'n drop default action

When using drag and drop to copy or move files, the default action is to use a pop-up menu to permit you to select which action is to be taken. This option allows you to set the default action to either Copy or Move.

When using the pop-up menu, the menu will also include an option for a symbolic link and any other plugins that are defined as being a filter. If you set the default action to Copy or Move these additional options will not be available to you.

Copy path clipboard selection

This option determines which clipboard selection is used for the "Copy path" menu item. The exact method of the paste operation will depend on the operating system, but in general will be:


Paste using mouse middle-click, or shift-insert.


Paste using mouse right-click and select paste, or control-v.


Paste using either method.


Debug level

Displayed when compiled with the option --enable-debug-log. This defines the verbosity of debug info sent to console and log window (0 disables the debug output).

Log Window max. lines

The maximum number of data lines to be displayed. The window will show the most recent data.