Image Options

This section describes the options presented under the Image Tab of the preferences dialog.



Selects the method used to scale the size of an image:


Fastest scaler, but results in poor image quality.


Results are somewhat close to bilinear, with better speed.


High quality results, moderately fast.

Two pass zooming

Enables Geeqie to first display a scaled image using the Nearest zoom quality. After image decoding is complete, the image is scaled again using the selected Zoom Quality method. This allows faster display of an image as it is decoded from the source file.

Zoom increment

Adjusts the step size when zooming in or out on an image.

Zoom style

Selects whether the zoom step size is applied as a geometric (n * step) or arithmetic (n + step) factor.

Fit Image To Window

Allow enlargement of image (max. size in %)

Enable this to allow Geeqie to increase the image size for images that are smaller than the current view area when the zoom is set to Fit image to window . This value sets the maximum expansion permitted in percent i.e. 100% is full-size.

Virtual window size (% of actual window)

This value will set the virtual size of the window when Fit image to window is set. Instead of using the actual size of the window, the specified percentage of the window will be used. It allows one to keep a border around the image (values lower than 100%) or to auto zoom the image (values greater than 100%). It affects fullscreen mode too.

Tile Size

Tile size in pixels

This option is only available when GPU acceleration is not selected. It sets the size in pixels that large images are split into during rendering. Setting a larger value will reduce the tiling effect seen as the image is displayed, but will also slightly increase the delay until the first part of the image is seen.


Custom border color

Enable this to draw the image background (the area around the image) in the specified color.

Border color

Use this color chooser to define the color to use as image background.

You may use the Virtual window size (see above) option to keep a border around the image in fullscreen mode.

Alpha channel color 1/2

These two colors define the checkerboard background used when images with an alpha channel are displayed.