Infra-red controller

Recent Linux kernels have in-built support for ir devices, making lirc support redundant.

If you wish to use lirc with Geeqie, the lirc libraries must be installed. If you are compiling from sources, lirc functionality will be available if the library dependencies are met.

If you are using a pre-compiled distribution, availability depends on the package maintainer.

The website Linux Infrared Remote Control has detailed information on this subject.

You will need to create a configuration file for the controller you will use. This file must be installed at the location specified in Configuration Files and Locations .

Here is an excerpt from an .lircrc file:

      begin geeqie
      prog = geeqie
      button = vol_up
      config = ZOOM_IN 1
      repeat = 3

The commands Geeqie will respond to are:

Command Mapped to
DOWN [int] Pan down by the specified amount. Default=1
EXIT Exit Geeqie
FIRST Jump to first image
INFO Show image overlay (full screen only)
LAST Jump to last image
LEFT [int] Pan left by the specified amount. Default=1
NEXT Go to next image
PAUSE Pause/unpause slideshow
PREV Go to previous image
RIGHT [int] Pan right by the specified amount. Default=1
ROTATE_90 ] Rotate image 90 degrees clockwise. .
ROTATE_90_CC Rotate image 90 degrees counter-clockwise..
SET_INV_ZOOM [int] Set Zoom level to 1:N. Default=1x
SET_ZOOM [int] Set Zoom level to N:1. Default=1x
UP [int] Pan up by the specified amount. Default=1
ZOOM_IN [int] Zoom in. Value specifies the amount of zoom.
ZOOM_MAX ] Zoom to fit image to window
ZOOM_OUT [int] Zoom out. Value specifies the amount of zoom.